A Partnership For Optimizing Opportunities

When putting together a real estate deal, George Cacoulidis likes to surround himself with a team of experts. Long focused on the opportunities in Maine, Cacoulidis has found the right local team with brokers Tom Moulton, CCIM, SIOR and Katie Allen, Esq. “I like to do business with people I like and trust,” shares Cacoulidis. “I like and trust Tom and Katie a lot.” The trio has now worked together for eight years, though the partnership has a foundation that goes back even farther to when Moulton started working with George’s father, John Cacoulidis, in 2000. When Cacoulidis took over his father’s portfolio, he knew he wanted to bring it to its full potential. “George trusts us to help him do that,” shares Allen. “That’s a big deal.”

For Moulton and Allen, building trust with clients is a top priority—their goal is to always put a client’s interests first. Moulton builds trust through “simple things: follow through, dependability, mutual respect, loyalty…and availability. Clients want someone available when they need them. Sometimes that means you’re talking three or four times a day, seven days a week.” While this approach may seem simple on the surface, this type of focus on client relationships takes incredible acumen and skill. “A lot of people do what we do,” says Moulton. “The relationships are what is most important in this business. We can’t be all things to all people, but we do need to give 100% to the people who choose to work with us.” Moulton and Allen have been working together as a team for over fifteen years, each bringing a different layer of expertise to the table, from developing creative deal structures to executing complex contracts. “We give clients two different perspectives on a deal,” says Allen. “It’s a good combination.”

Cacoulidis appreciates having their combined market knowledge and expertise to guide him, saying, “[Tom and Katie] do what they say they’re going to do and I can rely on what they’re telling me. They work well with my entrepreneurial spirit and are able to think outside of the box so they can make deals happen. I absolutely enjoy their ‘never say never’ attitude…we don’t stop unless we need to or the deal gets done.” Recently, the team closed on a large deal involving land and a group of nine industrial buildings. The ink may still be fresh on the deal, but Moulton and Allen’s work has just begun as they reevaluate rental rates and line up leases for all the buildings. Says Allen, “Now it’s time for us to optimize that opportunity for George.” With a deep trust in this long-lasting partnership, Cacoulidis has the right team in place to do just that.

For over 45 years, The Dunham Group has provided in-depth market knowledge and trustworthy representation for its clients. Our collaborative approach ensures that our clients benefit from the combined resources of our team of brokers, now and in the years to come.

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