Sylas Hatch

Partner | Broker

Sylas works with clients to achieve not only their short-term objectives, but to execute long-term growth strategies as well. With a strong background in land development, multi-family, and investment properties, Sylas excels at finding value in the market. His background in development as well as his intricate knowledge of zoning and code ordinances is an essential asset for investment-minded clients looking to understand the full potential or limitations of a property. Together with his partner, TC Haffenreffer, Sylas offers a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace, a competitive advantage for clients looking for opportunities. Goal-oriented and collaborative, Sylas’s goal is to add value to the transaction and he continually goes above and beyond by assisting with a financial review process and facilitating the exploration of new markets.

“No one makes more phone calls or does more outreach than Sylas.  He’s a naturally inquisitive person and he digs in to do the research on a property.  He has a sophisticated understanding of the market.” -Justin Lamontagne

Sylas joined The Dunham Group in 2014, and became Partner in 2022. Prior to joining The Dunham Group, Sylas worked for KW Commercial specializing in multi-family transactions. Originally from the Mid-Coast area, he now lives in Scarborough with his girlfriend Ellen. In his free time, Sylas is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys being on the water, spending time with his two dogs (a Great Dane and a mutt).

Notable Transactions

  • 203 Read Street, Portland
    • We had an open conversation with our client, Redstone, about where we saw value in the market. After some searching, we identified 203 Read St. as a great opportunity. We closed on the 167,000 SF industrial building without a tenant in place, but we were able to lease the entire building to a single tenant at well above projected rents with only 3 months of vacancy. Redstone was willing to take the risk based on our in-depth knowledge of the market and they were rewarded by strong returns.
  • Sagadahock Real Estate Association, Bath
    • The owner, Sagadahock Real Estate Association, was a long-term landlord in the Mid-Coast area and had non-traditional goals. When it came time for them to sell their portfolio of over a dozen beautiful turn of the century buildings, we knew it wouldn’t be a typical transaction. We met with the owner and discussed their goals of prioritizing local business owners over for-profit developers, while also monetizing the real estate to the best of our ability. We went through each building and identified potential issues including, asbestos remediation, code issues with egress, title issues, lease renewals, vehicular and personnel easements, and deferred maintenance. Once we worked through those issues, we then turned our attention to the common steam heating system. Instead of installing new heating systems for each building we decided it would be best to create a non-profit association to manage and maintain the system. We ultimately added significant value to the process by consulting with the owner on these complex issues and finding local buyers for all the buildings.